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released September 5, 2014

brent gorton: instruments, singing, horrible recording & piss-poor mastering
all songs by b. gorton except noises, accidents (words: b. gorton, music: a. sullivan/m. duffy)
phil pascuzzo: drums on "over & done" and artwork.


all rights reserved



Brent Gorton Albany, New York

weirdo pop for loners & losers.

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Track Name: Valium
Does it really matter how many I take? Things are getting better if I can stay awake. I can numb most everything while cutting off loose strings how is that worse? It isn't always bad news sleeping all the time, like waking from a coma in the middle of July. I don't need a cure for darkness, I only wanted to be happy some of the time. When those nightmares come & they always do it's the only thing that works makes me feel OK all I need now is Valium. Picking up the pieces of numbers and words it used to be so easy now it's all a blur but I can watch disasters if I really wanted to without closing my eyes. I can get a bottle at any 5 & dime all it costs me is a little of my time I'm never going back now All that matters now is Valium
Track Name: Angeline
Angeline is a girl like you'd see on the t.v.
Track Name: Ignoramus
Telling myself that I'm nothing while trying to prove myself wrong. In the end I was only bluffing all along. Moving from one disaster to the next, there's a method I've perfected. When I find something that's good I cut it up into pieces. And I tell myself not to worry. I'm not on the edge of losing it. Do they care? No, just the opposite. While finding my way out from nowhere, you say the least I could do is call. If you think that you're getting an answer, well, you've got it all wrong. And I tell myself not to worry, but I'm really on the edge of losing it. Do they care? No, just the opposite. they've heard this story before, it's so easy to ignore.
Track Name: Noises, Accidents
I'd like to keep talking about what you said/ It's stuck in my mind now but the lines are all dead/ I keep forgetting how easy it is to get a good one in/ What's sadder than a dial tone? It's like a million babies crying in the desert with sand on their tongues dreaming of milk/ Go write a start to this ending make it something I'll believe in but make it quick/ Noises & accidents, noises, no consequences/ I don't regret any time that I spent/ Dedicated to lost friends trying to get reactions/ But that's all over now It leaves me guessing/ Where do they disappear to? Noises & Accidents
Track Name: Over & Done
I'd like to call but I don't know the number & I can't guess even though I thought I wrote it down on the wall. I think I've hung around too long and now I'm done. I think I've hung around too long and now it's over. I don't know how to be myself when you're around. I only do my best to stay out of trouble. (Chorus) Now that I'm lying down I'm finally starting to feel sober. It's those small regrets that are the hardest to get over. And I'd forgive them all if that were possible. It's not easy to look at myself every morning. In fact it's probably the hardest thing I'll have to do all day. Now it's done. Over & Done! Over & out.
Track Name: Dead & Gone
Dead & gone, why won't you stay dead & gone? I've waited so long for you to be. Well, you're haunting my dreams every night I sleep, I wake up with your face in front of me. Why won't you stay dead & gone? Please don't haunt me, stay dead & gone.
Track Name: Echo of a Memory
The moon came through my window and you were there in every shadow.
Track Name: Shaking Hands with the Devil
It's a curse that I can handle. In the street I yell your name. I'm walking through the brownstone maze & I think I'm lost again. I see your face in every dream. I wake up & I don't know where I've been. I want to scream, I want to shout, I think I've lost my head, it's such a pain/ Shaking hands with the devil/ I can piece together old memories. The trust is gone, it has been for while. I know you don't give a fuck about me. Everyday, it's just the same, not getting anywhere/ Shaking hands with the devil/
Track Name: Dead Nerve
You're making sense but the thing is, "I don't care." Logic aside, this is getting us nowhere. Every day you're telling me that I'm crazy...oh, it's you that's making me. It's all over now. It comes as no surprise. When you kicked that door open, I could see it in your eyes. I know who I am. I've put so much out of my mind because there's so little worth keeping.
Track Name: Eyes Glued Shut
Paid all your tickets, debits, and fines. Fixed up & promoted and put back on the line. I'll go away if you tell me what's on your mind. There's no way I'm leaving before I find out. I know I should keep my mouth shut. That's something I was never very good at. I was never very good...
Track Name: Fucked Up
Why do we always end up talking when you know I don't like it because it's never enough. Then we'll only start fighting over some stupid thing...it doesn't make sense. Where can I find another like you? I think they stopped making people like you. So I'll just keep on trying and maybe someday soon, I'll get through to you. I only act this way because I can't stop every thought in my head from spilling out. Yes, I'm fucked up & I'm so tired. You're the only one one who sees it so how can I explain when you know I don't like it when you just walk past me without saying my name.

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