No Eject

by Better Pills

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released February 14, 2016


all rights reserved



Brent Gorton Albany, New York

weirdo pop for loners & losers.

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Track Name: Little Angels
o little angels waiting in heaven do you see the sins i'm perpetrating? and i get so lonely, sometimes i can't help it. if there's a phone call, shouldn't i answer it? o won't you tell me? i don't know myself anymore.
o little angels can't you whisper the secret of this world into my ear? i can't help it when i get so lonely and there's a taxi waiting outside. o won't you help me? i can't figure it out myself.
Track Name: How Does It Work?
Any man I come to dislike in time. I need a friend, but where does it all end? You take apart everybody's beating heart, then call the cops and leave the body burning on the lawn. How does it go on? You earn the perks because you were on the scene first. Learn every line while everybody is doing time. I had the most.; that's a lot to carry when i was twelve. I'll see you again when we're both in hell. How does it work?
Track Name: I ❤ NY
hiding in a bottle, i can't wrap my head around how all of a sudden i ended up on the ground. it's a lot easier when your head's a puddle for the weekend. driving the freeway as if i knew where i was going. it felt good until the car started rolling. holding onto the wheel like i was throttling my worst enemy.
he pulls on his paper bag and every friday he's dressed in drag. his tee shirt has a motto: i love new york.
cicumstances can go out of control. my only weakness now is the stereo, listening to songs about suicide over and over again.
he pulls out a cigarette and every friday he'll be there you bet. the ladies all say, "he's so cool."
Track Name: The Hush
i don't mind if sacrifice is asked of me as long as the effort is not too great. saw a little sign in the window- not enough to make me go in.
feel a little tongue-tied? don't lie now. fuel for the fire that burns all night. can i kill this yearning? i guess i could...don't know where i lost my head.
red light flashing burned out the radio don't talk don't think don't feel a thing it's not me. been on the dance floor a thousand times out of control it's out of my hands now.
Track Name: Phantom Power
when i'm all alone at night i think i hear you. there's no one at the door, there's no one upstairs and no one's been here for hours. even outside, in the dark i hear voices. they remind me of everyone i'm running from. i told the truth and it didn't stop. this went on for too long. whisper a word and cross your heart, you always knew what to say. i need it- something- i need it.
Track Name: A Letter I Wrote
this is not the time for all of that talking. throwing your words down a wishing well. spent the whole drive staring out of the window. if there was something to say don't you think i'd tell?
it's just a letter that i wrote.
feel like i'm losing a war of conscience. every step a little farther off the line. how could anyone have know what would happen? i don't have to say "i'm sorry" this time.
it's just a letter that i wrote.
i couldn't reach you collect...but i'll see you both in a day or two. if there's one thing i know for sure, i can tell you that it's too late.
digging a deep hole in the backyard, it's only a grave if you put up a name. every night i'm underwater, every day i feel exactly the same.
it's just a letter.
Track Name: Ballad of a Closing Bartender
can you please try and understand it's closing up time? well, i'm making sure that you can't ignore it. you can leave your drinks, but don't forget your cigarettes...though if you left them here, i'm someone who'd smoke them. take your time getting through the door. i've turned off the lights and mopped the floor. i can't understand...why don't you want to go home like the rest of us do?
you say you lost your keys in the parking lot? well, they're not in here, why would i be lying? you can call a cab from over in that restaurant. they've got the time if you're willing to buy it.
i can't stick around to fix it all. i haven't slept, really not at all. i don't understand...why don't you want to go home like the rest of us will?
Track Name: Gun in the Glove Box
shattered me with a glance, soft rock landing in hard water, i could've used a hand. held a bit of a grudge, you would too, all you have to do is look at them.
why won't you get away? i think you could make it. have you got any plans to get out of here?
i spent all night getting organized; a trapper keeper full of notes i hoped could compromise. vomiting in the dark, i managed to crawl halfway before turning back.
why won't you get away? i think you could make it. have you made any plans to get out of here?
the car pulled up at eight o'clock...lucky i was already walking down the block. they looked pretty determined when out of nowhere i realized i could easily be one of them.
Track Name: So What If I Do?
you think i won't notice? bet i would, with that fading smile and the cut on your arm. better back off if you want it because i'm taking everything that i need this time. don't want to look but you can't turn away though you want another night in my guestbook. how's that for guesswork? that putting you on the spot?
go get it if you want it, with a charming mouth they'll take good care of you. who wouldn't want that problem? were you hoping you could catch them staring?
out of my mind, i'm out of my mind. i guess i realized i'm somewhere that you were, somewhere that you went, but somewhere you're not.
at the bottom of the charts for so long...nobody gets it.
i wouldn't want to be you, i know it. that awful stare could cauterize. packed up my bags and i got out while you're signing up for another try.
i couldn't help but judge you; so what if i do?
Track Name: Giving/Taking
giving just a little, in time it's almost fair. but i'm taking every ounce of what i think i need. get out, don't tell me that it's over. that's something i can't believe. if i'm taking just a little, why would anyone care?
you don't think that i can be rational? while you're waiting for a guy that no one can ever see, if you're waiting for the end you can do it without me.
Track Name: Don't Bother
never is the right time for me, no i can't explain, i can't find it, i've looked everywhere. looking outside of my window, it's the opposite of clear. when did you get home? when did you make this up that everything was ok? i don't care anyway. all i can tell you is, "i'm alive."
don't bother.
Track Name: Death Trap
gonna get myself a car, travel around to places i think i might like. somewhere that you can see the stars much better than around here. i don't know if you noticed, but this place is a death trap.
i don't know any of my friends anymore. they all seem so old and they don't come around. they didn't even notice when everything went wrong.

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